Dating from the entry of Koyna Terrible Earthquake

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Whom they had met since time immemorial and they are staying single two young separately in other homes, a friendship level they looked like brothers to each other. Young girls alone in their house after the earthquake that occurred at noon, for they were afraid of being seen as sister comes to stay close to friends. An aftershock occurs and more frightened girl friend was about 12 hours show that spending time together is almost jump into your lap. Which is electrically trying to comfort his girlfriend too scared cut at a time and remain extremely cold weather without a heater. to sleep instead of hanging out in the dark when they want to go to bed that young friend alone sleep last boy on the couch giving his bed he saw as his brother when fully asleep girl income and very cold and still says that he wants to sleep next to saying that very fear. Sleep with lingerie comes under the quilt on the couch with a habit acquired girl panties and to warm his brother was beginning to sleep broke into the boy’s bosom he saw such and not offend against the girl sex desire wanting to have sex to improve the psychology and napping friends of which was released to frequent freezes in fear of earthquakes by putting the immaculate standing pm exposed to sex earthquake.

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