Black girls who gush civilian police Arrest

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the case is assigned to the civilian police of the district’s most dangerous street which is very weak in policing black two guys here who gush people one by one, watching for doing something illegal would make technical information and follow-up will make them dominant. But the houses in the neighborhood visiting the difference they noticed that the door to the force of one leg up to young daughter. One area of ​​black plainclothes police followed them are caught red-handed crispy petite girl with blonde and the other brunette wearing civilian teams are bindirip clamp the car. On his way to the road station are both located in the proposal to leave the black civilian police decided and twice the size of the body and arms in a vacant house car pulled civil black with cops mega-dick skinny petite bodies saying they would try their bodies as they wish dick to the neck in the forced manner brackish squeeze freeing they survived. ….

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