Appliances excise duty hike in the machinery they Sikişerek Protest

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Very big dreams to achieve the dreams of young people who want to prepare for the future, starting college after enrolling in the university’s department are prepared to part with a large labor is going to read. with money they send their families to make a living by making five-penny spending to work more comfortable course isterlerk that after the damage to the economy, even the young girls in the country as a result of everything in time to come they enter into very big trouble. But when they came to the white house t eşyacı to get shot in the brain of living material, especially girls learned that they came to raise very large washing machine are extremely angry and came home they live in hotel style and establish plans to protest it. The most effective and side of the machine to protest the hike in excise duty appliances Once you’ve decided what the head of the washing machine itself will have to be sensational slid to fuck they shout slogans and moaning between revenues and tone.

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